10 Reasons Travelling Often is Good for Your Soul

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10 Reasons Travelling Often is Good for Your Soul

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Wanderlust can strike at any time, from the moment our last vacation ends to the middle of the workweek if we haven’t travelled in months. Taking time to travel often is essential to maintaining a sense of well-being as well as giving us a chance to get away from the daily grind. But don’t forget the mental and holistic benefits it holds as well! Frequent travel rewards you each day of your journey with new joys and wonders, making each day of your trip a vacation in itself. Check out these ten reasons you should travel more and how it helps.

  1. Gain Better Perspective of Faraway Places- Seeing a place in pictures does not do it the same justice as seeing it live does. Actually travelling to a distant city gives you the chance to see what it’s like in person. A picture can’t show you the city’s personality, how the people interact, how street food smells as you walk through a market or what landmarks look like up close and personal. Get to know a destination intimately by travelling there and spending a few days with it.
  2. Meet New People and Make New Friends- The strongest friendships can be formed through a chance meeting during a vacation. No matter where you go you’ll meet fascinating people who you’ll want to keep in touch with long after your vacation has ended. Not only that you’ll more than likely want to meet again prompting another trip in the future! Travelling often allows you to build a global friendship network with connections wherever you go. No matter where you travel you’ll always have a friend close by.
  3. Open your Mind- When we stay close to home and don’t travel we tend to find ourselves in a bubble where we aren’t aware of the larger world around us. Travel lets us explore worlds other than our own and shows us other goings on than we’re used to. We may be used to modern conveniences such as running water and electricity but have to learn how to live without them when we travel to a region that doesn’t have them. We learn to live a different way and open our minds.
  4. Ditch the Baggage!- First-time travellers tend to over pack while seasoned vacationers have learned that they only need the basics to survive. Travelling often lets you come to terms with why you need so much stuff over time, both physically and mentally. After a while you’ll learn how to travel with a lighter bag and heart, looking forward to the journey ahead and focusing less on what items you absolutely can’t live without. Travelling light lets you see the world as you are.
  5. The Food!- While vising your favourite foreign food place for dinner may be an exotic night out, it is nothing compared to eating a dish prepared in its home country. Tasting authentic food prepared in kitchens where it’s a nightly staple is an experience like no other, and an excuse you will make for future travel plans! Countless television shows are devoted to worldwide cuisines, so be sure you make tasting new food wherever you go a goal for all future travel plans!
  6. Experience Another Culture- While sampling the foods of another culture introduces you to the way they eat, learning about their customs, art and history is a great way to understand a new land as well while broadening your view of the world. Frequent travel allows you to learn about cultures other than your own first-hand. Learning new customs and values as you travel helps you to understand your own, teaching you about who you are as an individual abroad and at home. Travel nourishes the heart and soul.
  7. Learn a Place’s History- No matter where you travel there is sure to be a story that goes along with it. Whether you visit a mountaintop monastery with hundreds of years of history or a monument that has withstood thousands of years of weather, learning the history of a land that makes it unique allows you to understand what makes a place special. Places are connected to their landmarks so understanding why they’re important is key to knowing a place.
  8. Find Yourself on the Journey- Whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, frequent travel allows you to get in touch with the real you that has been hiding behind hard work at home. Through travel you gain a sense of independence and freedom. You begin to learn what drives you, what fascinates you and what motivates you to travel more. It’s a good idea to keep a journal with you while you travel to record your experiences and thoughts. Nothing can hold you back and travelling often lets you embrace that feeling.
  9. Stretch your Comfort Zone- As you travel more, you may begin to pack less, try more adventurous foods, or even try travelling on your own. Frequent travel lets you step out of your comfort zone and embrace a more forward approach towards life. Instead of holding back you may be more likely to dive right into trying new things. Without anything to hold you back or any safety nets you’re perfectly capable of taking on the world by travelling anywhere you wish.
  10. Create Lifelong Memories- One of the most important things you will get out of travel is the creation of memories. While you may be able to bring back souvenirs and trinkets, the memories of how you felt on top of a particular mountain or at a certain monument will stay with you forever. Your travel journal can hold all of these for you to look back on when wanderlust strikes and you begin to plan your next trip. Memories are yours and only yours to keep forever, and are the best reason to travel frequently.

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