A Visit to Fort Lytton National Park Brisbane

Fort Lytton National Park Brisbane

img_20161002_123224We have driven past the Fort Lytton National Park sign for the last 10 years not paying any attention to it at all until school holidays came around we decided to visit and I am glad we did. Master G loves anything to do with history and military items so this ended up being a fabulous day out for us exploring.img_20161002_120157 Fort Lytton National Park is the location for the Fort Lytton Historic Military Precinct situated in Lytton, on the Brisbane River and was Brisbane’s primary defence as a military base from the 1880’s until after World War 2. The Fort is open on Sundays and they offer free guided tours throughout the day by the many dedicated volunteers that keep this historical park up and running.img_20161002_114705The Sunday that we went was fairly low key and it was nice to only have a small group to be able to have the place to ourselves for a relaxed look around.img_20161008_111050We also went back the next weekend as they were hosting the Brisbane Open House event and were firing the 16 and 64 pounder cannons. This was a big hit with Master G and the guides were very accommodating answering all his questions and pointing out the attractions that were on display on this day. img_20161008_111439The ASLAV (The Australian Light Armoured Vehicle) an eight wheeled multiple role vehicle which Master G was able to climb in and pop his head out the top.img_20161008_112711The Ferret Car (An armoured vehicle built for reconnaissance) and the Light Horse display.img_20161002_113754At the Park there is also a museum to look through some old archives which was  great for us bigger kids too. img_20161002_113122We learnt that Fort Lytton has been the set for Hollywood movies which include RAILWAY MAN and more recently UNBROKEN which starred and was directed by Angelina Jolie. img_20161002_112555Fort Lytton National Park is also host to the History Alive event annually which showcase activities throughout history including medieval tournaments, colonial dance, costume displays, battle re-enactments, cooking displays and cannon firings. We have not been to this event yet however will add this to our blog along the way.

All in all, we found Fort Lytton to be a perfect day out and very educational for Master G and us bigger kids. There are restroom facilities and cold drinks available. If you do happen to visit, make sure to take hats and sunscreen as it does getting pretty hot throughout the tour which takes approximately 90 minutes.

Why not make a weekend trip to visit Fort Lytton. There are many hotels available in Brisbane. Take a look now.