Asia is the cradle of some of the ancient earth civilisations. As the largest continent in terms of size and population with forty-eight countries, Asia has the best family-friendly destinations. The entire continent is invigorating, bustling, sexy and serene. The rich history of Asian countries such as Cambodia and Vietnam and the diversity of art, food, and culture attracts many visitors around the world. Asia is full of spirituality and adventure giving it a whole new level of dream destinations. With lots of exciting destinations, it can be quite hectic to choose the best destinations. Here is an exclusive destination guide to Asia.

  1. Singapore

When planning a tour to Asia, you cannot miss the fun and great family activities fund in Singapore. Singapore has great food, dependable transport network, and interesting culture. It also has an efficient subway system covering most of the tourist attractions in Singapore. Among the best attractions, you would want to check out is the Singapore zoo. If you are visiting Singapore with children as tourists, a day in the Singapore zoo is a must do. Singapore zoo has lots of animals for you and the children to see serving as a home to over two thousand eight hundred animals. Other great children attractions include Night Safari for animal lovers, Sentosa island, S.E.A aquarium, science centre, and Jurong bird park.

  1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the best cities to visit with children. With English being a widely spoken language in Hong Kong, it is easy for you to move around the city. Some of the best children-friendly attractions in Hong Kong include Disneyland, glittering skyscrapers and ocean park. On Sundays, you will get to enjoy Kung Fu performances and loin-and – dragon dances hosted in Kowloon Park. The city has countless restaurants to take a delicious family dinner and fabulous shopping 24/7. Hong Kong is arguably the best stress-free family destination in Asia.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is loaded with countless attractions for children and family. The favourable weather, clear seas, and kid-friendly beaches are ideal for visitors of all ages. Make sure take your children to the Phuket Aquarium to enjoy the exotic, colourful and tropical marine life. More so, the Splash Jungle Park is an entertaining water park featuring a lazy river, exhilarating rides, and a pool. Other popular kids’ activities include elephant riding, Phi Phi Island speedboating and snorkelling.

  1. Japan

Japan boasts of a safe, beautiful and clean landscape making it a good destination all the year round. The country has a rich history and culture with the locals having a famous attribute of being helpful and polite. With the efficient bullet trains available, you will easily tour any part of Japan with your family. The two best japan destinations for your family are Tokyo and Kyoto. Tokyo offers lots of innovative technologies and skyscrapers. On the other hand, Kyoto gives an impression of old Japan with temples and shrines. In Japan, children will have a chance to enjoy seeing Sumo wrestling, visit Hello kitty parks and explore Mt. Fuji. Amusement parks including Tokyo Disneyland, universal studios and Tokyo Disney sea will give your family entertainment for days. You can also visit Odaiba island to see great museum arts, a seabird sanctuary and spring cherry blossoms.

  1. Indonesia

The exotic food, rich heritage, and great cultural diversity are what makes Indonesia a unique travel destination when touring Asia. It has lots of amazing destinations for your kids with wildlife being a major attraction. Some of the worthy places to check out include Elephant Safari Parks, Bali Bird, Bali Treetop Adventure Park, Waterbom Bali Park, and pyramidal Rumah Pohon temple. Additionally, Indonesia has various cool beaches such as Dua, Nusa, Sanur, and Jimbaran for the young at heart and young kids hosting lots of classy restaurants and resorts. You will have a new whole level of fun at the Splash water park. Click here to read our article on Bali, Indonesia.

  1. Cambodia

Cambodia is the right destination for people who love culture. Anglo Wat in Cambodia is an ancient temple which is the largest religious monument in the whole world. Cambodia is more like a rural society compared to the more civilized Vietnam and Thailand. The kids will also get to enjoy some memorable countryside landscapes including the Mekong river, cardamom mountains, the Tonle sap lake, magical beaches, and idyllic islands.

  1. China

China is among the mandatory stop destination in your Asia travel tour. Being the most populated country in the entire world, china offers some of the best experiences. ensure you visit sites such as Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Shanghai to enjoy the fantastic theme parks, street and Chinese cultural foods, and religious monuments such as Longhua temple found in Shanghai. Guilin provides a perfect place for hiking and countryside cycling with your children.

  1. Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the top southeastern Asia destinations with lots of activities and attractions for both the nature-lovers and cultural enthusiasts. Some of the popular family destinations in Malaysia include Genting Highlands, Penang, Rawa island, Ipor, and Kuala Lumpur. The city of Johor Bahru is a paradise with delicious foods, affordable clothes and LEGOLAND theme park for family bonding. Kuala Lumpur the capital city of Malaysia will spoil your children out of choice with the array of entertainment offered by this modern city. These include butterfly farms, bird parks, and the popular Sunway lagoon theme park.

  1. Vietnam

The capital city of Vietnam is known as Hanoi. It is one of the unique cities in Asia with numerous ancient museums, stunning temples and cultural traditions. The children will get to enjoy cultural street foods and colonial French architecture in the populous Ho Chi Minh city. Family beach holidays are hosted in Phu Quoc or Nha Trang. City trips have lots of kid’s entertainment including market shopping, museums, water parks and dining. You can show your kids what it means by local life by taking a trip to Mekang Delta.

  1. Philippines

The people of Philippines are renowned for their great sense of talented vocal chords and rhythm. Philippines gives you and your kids a whole new Asia experience with lots of islands and amazing beaches to enjoy during your vacation. Kids will enjoy diving in the water offshores while they watch beautiful scenes of migrating whale sharks, astounding tropical fish and pristine reefs. They will also get t explore mountains, jungles and volcanoes that ranges throughout the country. The US influence has led to availability of fast food chains. Definitely, Philippines is the crash of confetti and colour where the modern world meets the ancient culture.


As a parent, you often get overwhelmed by the many option destinations when choosing the best places for vacation. Asia has an endless list of some great destinations for you and your family. the above list will serve as an essential guide to help you narrow down your options and choose your preferred destination easily.