GoPro – HERO5 Black 4K Ultra HD Camera Accessories Review

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GoPro – HERO 5 Black 4K Ultra HD Camera Accessories Review


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GoPro HERO users need an extra hand when they’re on the go to capture the sights around them. Fortunately there are plenty of harnesses and mounts to help you get just the right action shot when both your hands are busy! From head straps to give you the ultimate hands-free experience to a harness just to give you a glimpse in your dog’s day, GoPro has an accessory for every shot you could think about taking!

GoPro Headstrap and Quickclip

Strap your GoPro to your head and get moving! The Headstrap and Quickclip accessories allow you to attach your camera to your head, hat or helmet to capture low-impact activities and shots such as zip lining, bicycling or any other extreme sport that whizzes by. The Quickclip also allows you the option of an eye in the back of your head, allowing you to capture shots that happen behind you.

GoPro Chesty Chest Harness

Similar to the Headstrap, the Chesty harness keeps your hands free but also allows them to be the stars of whatever show you’re filming. Keep your Chesty handy for shots such as skiing, paddle sports or bicycling where you want to immerse your viewer in the action! The Chesty is fully adjustable to fit most adults comfortably, while children and smaller adolescents may require the Junior Chesty for a proper fit.

Inspirove - GoPro Camera Accessories

GoPro The Handler (Floating Hand Grip)

Water sports and sparkling beach destinations are must for photos. Featuring an adjustable wrist strap, The Handler ensures your camera is always close at hand. The buoyant hand grip is perfect for catching stable selfies or photos, making it easy to point and shoot. You’ll be sure to capture the best photos of the sand and surf with The Handler!

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Inspirove - GoPro Camera Accessories

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GoPro Fetch (Dog Harness)

If you travel with man’s best friend, why not give him a chance to take some photos as well? With the Fetch harness you can do just that! This harness allows you to mount your GoPro either upright on Fido’s back or underneath in front of your dog’s chest. Fetch is adjustable for all dog sizes. The harness is made of washable material, soft and padded for Fido’s comfort.

GoPro Gooseneck

The Gooseneck is a bendable neck with a quick-release mount for portable and flexible shots captured anywhere. Simply mount and go. The Gooseneck can be combined with other Goosenecks for increased flexibility and lengthy. This mount is great for capturing shots around corners and in hard-to-reach spots. While the Gooseneck may not seem like much at first, it packs a world of versatility into a small mount that proves it can do anything you can imagine with your GoPro.

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