North America

North America is a mesmerising continent. From Latin central America to the diverse USA and Caribbean islands, your family and kids will love it all. You should expect to be welcomed everywhere, heartened to enjoy everything and discover that anything is possible throughout this continent. Nowhere else comes close to North America whether you want majestic landscapes, great and vast cities or sunny and summery conditions. Here is an exclusive look at destination guide – north America for you and your children.

  1. United States

Travelling with kids to united states brings a whole new level of fun to the America tour experience. It creates deeper connection as the locals embrace and welcome your family as long -lost cousins. The country and cities have family-oriented entertainment, activities, restaurants and accommodations. Take your kids to the children-friendly museums, Theme restaurants in Times square, cruises on the Hudson and row boating in central park all available in New York City. More so, take time to take your kids to universal studios to experience the movie magic, the Disneyland and San Diego Safari park in California.

  1. Costa Rica

If you are thinking of the best place for a family adventure in North America, you cannot afford to leave out Costa Rica on your destinations list. The Sunny beaches, cloud forests and tropical jungles will not disappoint. you can take some time and visit Arenal Volcano national park whose natural and adventure, hot springs and wonders will leave the children thrilled. Your family can also experience Caribbean culture and its charms by visiting places including Cahuita, and Tortuguero. San Jose the capital of Costa Rica is a historical town with a wide range of interesting activities for your kids. Other attraction areas in Costa Rica include a hike in Monteverde cloud forest reserve, Sarapiqui River, Uvita and Nicoya Peninsula beaches. Panama, the neighbouring Costa Rica country also has some worthy travel destinations for your kids.

  1. Canada

Canada has fantastic family-friendly places that children should not go without visiting. this is the largest museum in Canada designed specifically for children. Royal Tyrrell Museum is also a perfect destination especially for kids who love dinosaurs. The kids market features top kids’ activities and is one of the top-rated family vacation destination. Churchill is a home for polar bears and beluga whales. Spot the beluga whales and take snapshots of some of the most magnificent polar bears. Other family-friendly destinations in Canada include Toronto zoo, Niagara Falls, Cavendish beach, Canada Wonderland, the Bruce trail and Ontario science center.

  1. Mexico

Mexico is among the top family holidays travel destinations in the world. The country is found in North America and borders the US, Guatemala, and Belize. Mexicans are popular for their love for children. More so, the country has lots of popular families and kids’ attractions. Tulum presents a cool town and fantastic beaches. Other top kids’ destinations include Isla Majeures beach, Puerto Vallarta city, Cancun resorts, and Mazatlán.

  1. Cuba

It may be a daunting prospect to travel to this Caribbean island with your children due to their complex culture. However, this should not put you off. Cuba has a languid traffic-free streets and close-knit family culture that gives you a non-imaginable and most relaxed environment. Cuba is popular for its nature fantasies and Caribbean beaches such as the Playa Ancon beach. Escambia mountains has interesting trails, natural swimming pools and waterfalls. You can also visit the charming Havana that has four pirate-era forts and museums. After a long day, your kids will enjoy the afternoon at the all inclusive family resorts in Cayo Coco and Varadero with a delicious dinner buffet.

  1. Dominican Republic

The spearmint blue water and Powderly white sand marks the beautiful and attractive Dominican Republic. Other than the fabulous beaches, this country also has lots of historical colonial cities such as the old Santa Domingo, pristine waterfalls and vast rainforests. One of the best spots for your children is Samana Peninsula for whale watching as they migrate through the north coast. Visit the caves of Parque Los Tres Ojos filled with emerald waters and go for beach bumming in Punta Cana.

  1. Nicaragua

Considered as an underdog destination by many compared to the popular North American counterparts, Nicaragua has attractions, accommodations, and love that is unique. Take some time the famous Granada cathedral and lake Nicaragua that are minutes away from each other. Here you can have boat rides, wildlife, and high-end restaurants. You can stop over at Quesillos Gourmet to have a taste of the local foods. Other children destinations in Nicaragua include natural reserve Mom nacho Volcano, Cerro Negro Volcano Sandboarding, San Juan del Sur and Managua.

  1. Barbados

Barbados is a tropical paradise in the North America Caribbean. A family travel tour to Barbados brings up images of turquoise clear seas, swaying palm trees, sunset cocktails and sandy beaches. This small island has a lot of attractions to offer to your kids. Get to see the green monkeys when you visit the Barbados wildlife reserve. kids will get thrilled during the feeding times at the sight of iguanas, caimans, tortoise, and birds. Atlantis submarines will take you to the ocean bottom where kids will see the colourful coral reefs, fish and a shipwreck. Tranquil beaches at south coast Barbados are ideal for kids. The east coasts offer great family picnic spot and spectacular scenery.

  1. The Bahamas

Travelling to the Bahamas with kids should be painless. This is because of the many family-friendly attractions destinations including the pirate-themed museum, animal zoo, waterslides sunny skies, pristine beaches, and sea creatures. As you plan a kid tour to the Bahamas, some of the top destinations to include in your travel guide include Aqua venture, Gray cliff Chocolatier, Happy trails, Dolphin Cay, and Ardastra Gardens & Zoo.

North America has other emerging top destinations including Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Haiti. Additionally, other Caribbean countries not included in the list have amazing attractions and children activities. You can take some time to visit Antigua and Barbuda, Jamaica, Grenada, Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Trinad and Tobago, Belize, Guyana, Bermuda, saint and Vincent and the grenadines. As you think of travel ideas today, choose to travel with kids to the amazing and endless destinations in north America.